Monetti since 1980. The company offers services for development and production of pyrotechnic devices for Safety & Security and in Pyrotechnic industry. A solid network of partners cooperates with us since many years for the product development. We provide advanced equipment and storage facilities for Class 1 products


Our areas are Defense, Aerospace, Aviation, Firefighting, Marine and Racing. Pyrotechnic Actuators are a strategic element to activate automatic systems for:

SECURITY. Defense asset, ATM protection, Ink-stained banknotes, Anti-theft systems.

SAFETY. Fixed and vehicle automatic fire suppression systems, Coach windows breaker, Anti-smoke evacuator, Aerosol generator activator, Wearable airbag for personal protection, floating airbag for helicopters.

Our Pyrotechnic products and hardware systems are key elements for applications in PYROTECHNIC INDUSTRY. Fireworks, Nautical safety, Mining, Softair and Military training.

 iShot Plug&Fire®, PyroLEDA®, Pyroclock® brands, and our Safety Fuse and Electric Igniters are indispensable tools. Without it, it would be impossible to operate in these industries.


We are always ready to incorporate the needs of the market through continuous presence at industry events and constant conversation with our customers. We think and design solutions to improve the work quality of our clients. Constant product improvement makes our ideas durable.


We devote continuously our time to research and development of new devices. Together with our partners, we offer a network of technical and design offices in the fields of mechanics, electromechanics, and chemistry that can meet the most demanding requirements. Research of new materials, prototype development, laboratory testing and certification constitute our daily activities. We have prototyping and inspection equipment to ensure the result and product quality.


Responsibility in the marketplace today means having a quality management system that documents policies, procedures, and controls to provide products and services to customers while tending to increase customer satisfaction. Beyond our organization, we provide products with certification and specific product qualifications to compliant high standards depending on the customer’s needs or on the applications for which they are intended.