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Electric igniters – E-matches – Safety Fuse – Pyroclock® – Pyrotechnic Delays – Accessories


Electric igniter is an indispensable device to ignite fuses or pyrotechnic charges. Essential tool to work safely it is used in the entertainment industry for remote ignition of fireworks an in the mining industry for charges ignition.


Delays are made by a piece of Safety Fuse cut to meet a certain burning time. An item unique for its accuracy that we guarantee and certify. They are mostly used for fireworks manufacturing, smoke signals, and pyrotechnic chains.


Pyroclock® is a system for pyrotechnic chains to connect aerial fireworks. With a fast locking system, Pyroclock® it’s used manually without specific skill and without any other tool. Different colors help to identify different delays from 1 to 5 sec.


Essential in Mining and Quarries to ignite charges. In Nautical for manufacturing rockets and smoke signals. In Pyrotechnic Industry to manufacture Fireworks. It burns slowly and constantly. Safety Fuse is a tool accurate and reliable.


Accessories to set up pyrotechnic device and fireworks displays. Electric cables, wires, electric connectors for wiring. They are necessary to operate at safety distance and make sure the reliability of the setup even in adverse weather conditions.