Since 1980 Monetti Srl is focused on creating and suppling pyrotechnic devices for safety and security. The company offers developing and manufacturing facilities to provide products and services for multiple applications in Safety & Security and in Pyrotechnics.


Pyrotechnic devices to activate systems in Safety & Security. We provide innovation, development, technical production support, expertise and professional help for a high-quality product.

Our technology is used for several functions in Defense, Aerospace, Aviation and Safety & Security industry. The implementation of Automatic activation devices has raised in quality for fire suppression, cash protection, people and property safety systems.


For us, Pyrotechnics for entertainment, civil applications, mining and nautical signals, are strategic industries. Manufacturing and igniting fireworks safely, working in quarries making the best use of resources, good quality devices for nautical signals to save lives. Firing system, hardware and software for safe control of fireworks displays.


We have clients on 6 continents. Our products are distributed to over 1200 companies in 90 countries, Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, Central America, South America and Oceania. A unique international experience faces us to the whole world ready to take up new challenges.


Some of our brands protected by registered trademark and intellectual property rights (Patented).